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Al & Joe's Deli began it's history in 1960. Aldo Conforti and my father, Joseph Gapastione, two boyhood friends, from the old Italian neighborhood of Halsted & Kedzie in Chicago, decided to take a chance and opened a small grocery store.

Al, an Elevator Operator (he called himself a Vertical Engineer) and my father Joe, a Bricklayer both kept working their daytime jobs until they could get their small grocery store & deli up and running well enough to support two families full time. 

What started as your corner store, soon became s Sub Sandwich Deli. Al tells the story of how they started making sandwiches. On a hot summer day, around lunch time, business was slow, Al decided to make himself a sandwich on the fresh Gonnella bread that was just delivered. He sat outside the door and was eating when a truck driver pulled up and asked if he could get a sandwich made. Well being the business man that Al was, he said "sure, why not". As they say the rest is history. Unfortunately, after 47 years, and due to illness, Al & Joe decided to retire.